10 Answered Questions for the topic Division with remainders

Division With Remainders


How do you divide 9 pieces equally among 7 people

What would the equation look like?
Division With Remainders


How do you solve this division word problem with remainders?

The Rosens and the Blairs are taking a trip to the zoo. There are 9 people in the Rosens family and 8 people in the Blair family. The families rent vans for the trip. They can fit 6 people in a... more
Division With Remainders


Marla has 124 pencils to put into packages of 2. She wants to give the same number of packages to 5 friends.

Create an equation to find p, the number of packages Marla gave to each friend.   Remember: First, I need to separate the pencils into packages.  Then, I need to separate the packages.  
Division With Remainders Remainders


How could you use a remainder to know if your quotient could be a greater number?

Draw a picture
Division With Remainders


26,942 dividend by 900

I don't understand what to do with the remainder. I have to take the military entance exam without a calculator and never seemes to care on Highschool please help 
Division With Remainders


You are sharing 2 loaves of bread with 5 friends. You want each person to get a fair share. How much bread will each person get?

2 equal  loaves of bread divided equally by 5
Division With Remainders


A 2 digit number is 3 times the sum of its digits. What is he number?

I have no idea what to do. I dont even know what operations to use
Division With Remainders College Math


Find the quotient and the remainder

6x2+27x+16       x+4
Division With Remainders


A florist is putting 824 flowers into vases. He wants to put 8 flowers into each vase. How many vases will the florist need?

Division With Remainders Division


one case can hold 3 boxes.each box can hold 3 binders how many cases are needed to hold 126 binders?

I need a solid answer

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