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A Dice Probability question!

I am attempting to calculate a dice probabilitythe problem that I cannot seem to figure out how to calculate is as followedI want to see the probability of out of "X" 100 sided dice rolls how many... more


What is the probability of rolling any 5 straight with eight d8 dice?

How is this calculated? What about any 6 straight, 7 straight, and 8 straight?


Dice probability.

You want to find the probability of rolling a sum of 9 on two dice and then rolling a sum of 10 on the next roll. Tell whether these events are independent or dependent.

Chance of failure

I play an online based dice game. To hit with a spell you need a 5 or greater roll. I currently roll a 28 sided dice. What is the probability of failing to meet the threshold of 5?   Also will... more

Determining Probability from Expectation

A gambler is playing with a crooked(unfair) twelve-side die. The chances that certain side of a die will turn up is given in the table below, except for P5 and P6. Find P5 and P6 if it known that... more


Theoretical probability of the sum of two dices

you have two dices that have each have one side with one dot, two sides with two dots and three sides with three dots. you roll these dice and the possible sums are 2,3,4,5, and 6. What are the... more


Need help. Show Work.

Suppose that you roll a pair of honest dice. If you roll a total of 7, you win $18; if you roll a total of 11, you win $54; if you roll any other total, you lose $9. Fine the expected payoff for... more


Probability Question

A specially made pair of dice has only one- and two-spots on the faces. One of the dice has three faces with a one-spot and three faces with a two-spot. The other die has two faces with a one-spot... more

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