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Completeing The Square Precalculus Circle


Write the equation in standard form:

given the following equation of the ellipse in general form, 3x^2+y^2-6x+4y+4=0, complete the square to write the equation in standard form.
Completeing The Square College Algebra


completeing the square

2x2+18x=-28   I tried solving it myself and got -9±√53/2 apparently i was wrong. So could someone please help me with this?
Completeing The Square


Question y=3x² -12x + 7

Hello, I did this question from my homework and got it slightly wrong. I checked it over multiple times but still don't know what I screwed up.Question y=3x² -12x + 7 Complete the SquareHere is... more
Completeing The Square Factoring Trinomials Algebra1


Help me solve these equations by completing the square please?

Round to the nearest tenth if necessary. Detailed explanation to give complete understanding would be preferred.   9. x^2 + 20x +11 = -8   10. x^2 - 1 +5x   11. a^2 = 22a + 23   12. m^2 -... more
Completeing The Square Square Root Property


How do i solve x^2-16x+64=49?

I need help solving this problem using the square root property.
Completeing The Square


I dont know how to start this equation

√3x) + 6 = x The 3x is under the radical sign.

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