Isabella V.

asked • 11/01/17

Find the rate of change of the distance d between the origin and a moving point on the graph of y=x^2+7 if dx/dt=2 centimeters per second

Here are the multiple choice answers: A. dD/dt= 4x^3 + 30x/√ x^4 + 15x^2 +49 B. dD/dt= 4x^3 + 16x/x^4 + 14x^2 + 49 C. dD/dt= 2x^3 + 30x/√ x^4 +14x^2 + 49 D. dD/dt= 4x^3 - 30x/√ x^3 +15x^2 + 49 Please show your work and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

1 Expert Answer


Michael J. answered • 11/01/17

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Mastery of Limits, Derivatives, and Integration Techniques

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