Heba A.

asked • 11/01/17

Is there a relation between Keq and ph?


I have an exam next week and the question above came up in previous years.

I know if (ph) gets higher (Kb) gets higher too, but for (Ka) it gets lower.

A teacher told that the higher the keq the lower the ph, but I'm not convinced.

It's better if you answer in detail.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you in advance. ^^

1 Expert Answer


Heba A.

Thank you so much for answering! 
But what about Keq for bases (Kb)? 
When it gets higher the ph value INCREASES (that's the part that confused me about the teacher's answer) 


J.R. S.

The concept is the same for Kb as it is for Ka.  Take the base, B.  B + H2O ==> BH+ + OH-
Kb = [BH+][OH-]/[B].  The larger the value of Kb (10-5 is larger than 10-7), the more OH- will be produced and thus, the higher the pH (more basic).  Right?


Heba A.

Thank you I got it! ??


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