Kindra M.

asked • 09/30/16

for what value of c will the funciton x^6+9x^4+26x^2 +C have real roots?

I have the answer of -2, I just don't know how they got it.

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Peter G. answered • 09/30/16

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Kindra M.

No, I have the answer of -2, I just don't know how they got it.


Peter G.

A real root is when the graph of the function crosses the x axis. I said in the second paragraph that -2 is an answer, just not the only one. However, we don't know what you're being taught in the course, so we don't know whether to use calculus or a graphing calculator or what.
I would recommend cutting and pasting your polynomial into the graphing calculator at Then try using -2 for C, and you will see that it crosses the x axis . So does -1, -3, -2.5, etc.


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