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asked • 10/16/15

Related Rates Questions! Need Help!!

It is estimated that the annual advertising revenue received by a certain newspaper will be
thousand dollars when its circulation is x thousand. The circulation of the paper is currently 11,000 and is increasing at a rate of 2,000 papers per year. At what rate will the annual advertising revenue be increasing with respect to time 3 years from now?

Advertising revenue will be increasing at a rate $     ?        thousand per year.
Suppose that the demand function q for a certain product is given by
where p denotes the price of the product. If the item is currently selling for $200 per unit, and the quantity supplied is decreasing at a rate of 80 units per week, find the rate at which the price of the product is changing.

The price of the product is changing at       ?      dollars per week.

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Bruce Y. answered • 10/16/15

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