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what are some of the subjects wud i need to know before taking an act

if answered i would like to know some of the techniques you give that will guarantee me to be well prepared and confident that i can do it.

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The reading section is more properly a reading comprehension section. It will test your ability to read a passage, think critically on it, and answer questions about what the passage communicates or argues. It will not be testing whether or not you can read. The English section will test your grammar and syntax. I hope this helps, but you can find practice tests for free online if you'd like to test yourself and see how you'd do if you took the test right now. For any further help, I recommend you buy a practice book or find an ACT prep tutor as it would be difficult to learn the material on your own without help. Good luck!
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as far as the math goes - algebra - solve for x, factoring, evaluating functions, and being able to interpret a function on a graph. geometry (no proofs) area perimeter are fair game, area of shaded regions (multiple shapes on top of each other) theres 4 trig questions (sohcahtoa, basic basic basic trig identities, evaluating the graph of sin cos and tan) there may be a question or 2 on matrices and theres one or 2 questions on logs.   theres some probability and statistics (usually in word problems) as for science - you dont NEED to know the science, it will absolutely help, but the test is about interpreting graphs and experiments. it will help if you touch up on chem, bio, earth science, basic physics, and cosmology (space stuff.) its mostly reading comprehension, just make sure you read the synopsis before each experiment or scientist point of view and read the explanation on each graph. the science part is kind of a rush so i would recommend to do the passages based on graphs first bc they are usually the quickest. im not too familiar w/ the reading and writing parts but im sure someone else will comment
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For the Math Section} Number Properties: Adding and subtracting Signed Numbers, Multiplying/ Dividing Signed Numbers, PEMADS ( Order of Operations), Absolute Value, Counting Consecutive Integers.Divisibility: Prime Factorization, LCM, GCF      Factions and Decimals Percent  Ratios, Proportions, and Rates.