Rational equations

Task 4—Solving Rational Equations Using the equation below as a model, fill in numbers in the place of a and b to create a rational equation that has an extraneous solution. x plus a all over ax =... more


I need help is for an algebra homework

If Marvin plans to sell his car in the future for a profit, how much more money will he make if he sells the car in 10 years than if he sells it in 5 years?

For the functions f(x) = √x + 5, g(x) = 5x − 3, and h(x) = x^2 −3x + 5, find the following and simplify.

For the functions f(x) = √x + 5, g(x) = 5x − 3, and h(x) = x^2 −3x + 5, find the following and simplify: a. f · g(4) b. (g of h)(3) c. (g-h)(x) d. (f of g)(x)

combining functions

f(x)=4x and g(x)=cube of √x Step 2 of 2 : Find the formula for (f/g)(x) and simplify your answer. Then find the domain for (f/g)(x).(f/g)(x)=???Domain=???

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Dr. Peabody shot a rocket off the roof of a 42-foot tall building. After three seconds, the rocket reached its highest point of 96 feet.Model this situation with a quadratic function, and use the... more


2x + y = 9 3x - 4y = -25 in x= and y = format

please help me please with this one question

Complete the square for the expression. Also, identify the resulting expression as a binomial squared.x2 + 11x + ____A.)B.)C.)D.) Please give and only give the explanation and the solution

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