A polynomial function is given. Describe the end behavior of the polynomial function.

Q(x) = −x2(x2 − 4)(a) Describe the end behavior of the polynomial function.End Behavior: y---> ________ as x--->  ∞ y---> ________ as x --> - ∞


Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Which equation is parallel to -3 + 4x = y + 2x and has a y-intercept of 9?A -2x – 3 = yB 7x - 3 = yC 2y – 18 = 4xD x = y - 3

Can I delete the folder C:\\ProgramData\\Package Cache\\?

There is a new folder full of installers located at `C:\\ProgramData\\Package Cache\\`. I believe this is from Visual Studio 2012 RC. Can I delete these gigabytes of data without consequences? Are... more

Why is my Mac showing a white screen?

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