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Table for differential equation

Choose the appropriate table for the differential equation .Question options:1) x 0 0.5 2 0 undefined 2) x 0 0.5 2 undefined -1 undefined 3) x 0 0.5 2 0 -3 0 4) Cannot be found... more

Changing an equation from Rectangular to Polar

So here's the question:"Write the equation x2 + xy + y2 -2x +4y = -3 in polar coordinates and solve for r"So so far I changed all the x's and y's to polar and used any identities I could to get the... more

i’m not so sure if i can do this problem.

George’s car has a 20 gallon gas tank. travel 22 miles per gallon. If M is the number of miles driven since the last fill up, he can use this formula to find out how much gas is left in the gas... more


Fifty elk are introduced into a game preserve. At what rate is the population increasing when t = 2? After how many years is the population increasing most rapidly?

It is estimated that their population will increase according to the model P(t)=250/(1+4e^-t/3), where t is measured in years.


n=3; -3 and 4+4i are zeros; f(2)=100

Find an​ nth-degree polynomial function with real coefficients satisfying the given conditions. If you are using a graphing​ utility, use it to graph the function and verify the real zeros and the... more

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