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How to delete MS Word table cell contents but not cells?

I am running MS Word 2007. Is it possible to delete the contents of a table without deleting the actual cells? I've tried highlighting a bunch of cells and hitting the... more

Accounting equation: does income really decrease equity?

I am new to using [double-entry bookkeeping]( for personal finances. [GnuCash]( uses a variant... more

What is the difference between equity and assets?

I am (going to be) using GNU Cash, which uses the double-entry method; I use it for personal finance. Reading various tutorials for GNU cash, it lists 5 types of accounts: income, expense, assets,... more


Growth rate algebra 1

fiNd the final amount o money that 1000 would generate if it was invested at 6% interest and compounded annually for 20 years round the answer to the nearest cent. I’m really stuck on this question... more

What is a classified balance sheet?

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