How do you divide 193,827 between two individuals where one should receive 11,636 more than the other

The problem is whether you take the 11,636 off the top and then divide the remainder. Or, do you divide by two and subtract 11,636 from one and add it to the other.

Between what two integers does the square root of 411 lie

√411 two integers between that 

find p(x) of degree 3 having zeros of x=1/2, x-1i, w/integer coefficient

 I need help finding the polynomial having the zeros displayed in the question


a truck travels 300 kilometers in 5 hours what is the speed of the truck?

i need help understanding the whole thing its for science


I need help finding the least common multiple of 72 and 84.

Find the least common multiple of 72 and 84. Here are the possible answers: 504, 252, 1,512, or 144.

plains and submarine

An airplane flies at an altitude of 14,690 ft while a submarine is submerged at a depth of 521 feet below the surface of the ocean.. What is the difference between these two elevations?


Absolute value equasion for -7 plus 15

I don't know what to write here I will just write this


If I came to work at 12:30 And leave at 2:00 how many hohours is that

If I came to work at 12:30 And I leave work at 2:00 how many hours is that   

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