Application problem

A train travels east from Chicago at 6pm at 45 mph (EST. A train travels west from Cleveland at 35 mph at 7 pm (EST). If the cities are 285 miles apart and the trains are barreling toward each... more


Solve using proportions

One-fourth cup of mixed nuts contains 6 grams of protein. How many grams of protein are in 2 cups of mixed nuts 

My dog had some bones then he dug up 367 bones he now has 860 bones how many bones did he start with

he dug up 367 bones and had some bones to start with he now has 860

the two fast stop stores were on streets whose numbers added up to 50

Make a systematic list of all the pairs off odd numbers that add to 50. (Even numbers cannot be prime numbers). Label column FS#1 and the paired number FS#2 All three stores were on... more

What equation can be used to determine how much money Sara spent on paperback novels?

Sara spent $153 of her saving at the mall. She bought clothes, a few paperback novels, and an $18 DVD. She spent 4 times as much on clothes as she did on the paperbacks.


trent invested money at 6% and $300 less at 8%. his total annual interest income is $116. how much did trent invest at 6%?

if you could list the steps to help me understand it that would be great. thanks


I need help with knowing what this is called and the answer to the problem. needing the breakdown of the process so that I may be able to complete future problems like this.


A house is purchased for $150,000.

A house is purchased for $150,000. If the value of the house will appreciate 3.8% each year, how much will the house be worth in 5 years to the nearest dollar?     a. $155,775 b. $181,387 c.... more

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