300(1 +.1/12)exponent 24




i havve a worksheet that is comfuzzling


What quantity of 75 percent acid solution must be mixed with a 30 percent acid solution to produce 540 mL of a 50 per cent solution?

I am having trouble coming up with the write answer for this question! Please help!


If a pound of beef costs $11.99 a pound but I only but 2.5 pounds of beef how much did it cost

If a pound of beef cost $11.99 per pound but I only buy 2.5 pounds,how much did it cost?

I'm an 8th grader and got into algebra. My question is how to simplify problems like 5•99

Other examples:   2•(473•5) 12•199 4•27•5•3 they do some different things like  5*99 5*(100+(-1)) 500+(-5) =495

find the x intercept

what is the x int in y=x3+3 ?? pls help 

Is this a trick question?

A motorcyclist was sent by the post office to to meet a plane at the airport. The plane landed ahead of schedule and it's mail was taken toward the post office by horse. After half an hour the... more


solve formula for the specified letter I=E/R+r for r

help me solve this formula please.

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