Never understood the usage of 弄?

I never understood the usage of 弄 for example in this sentence 婶婶找来几片叶子,给雪弄了一双耳环 why is there a 弄了? The sentence makes sense without it.


求解释: "我有问题" 和 "我有个问题" 中英 | Chinese & English?

这个问题我找不到解释, 希望哪位高手可以帮下 ^^ 学生想说 I have a question, 常常会说成 "我有问题." 我会教他们用 “我有个问题” 或者 “我有一个问题。” 原因是听到 “我有问题”的时候, 我的第一联想就是 “我脑子有问题。" 可是我语法上面解释不来也查不到。 现在我自己都快糊涂了。 所以我想问: 1) “我有问题” 是正确的吗?... more


So technically, the correct usage of 得 for run very fast is 跑得很快 - why are there so many Baidu hits for 跑的很快 and 跑地很快?

Is there 的, 地 and 得 confusion among native speakers as well or am I missing some subtleties of the language?


Does an existential sentence with "有" only carry a non-specific noun?

Sentence 1: 桌子上有一本作业 Sentence 2: 桌子上有我的作业 I think both sentences are correct. However, I just watched a grammar video which mentioned the existential sentence with "有" can only carry a... more


When is the 把 construction forbidden?

I would like to understand which (if any) of these sentences are incorrect and why. 1. 我给了我妹妹一支笔。(being the most basic, this is the one I think I understand) 2. 我把那支笔给我妹妹了。 3. 我把一支笔给我妹妹了。 4.... more


How do you use - 我还是做一枚安静的N 吧?

Question for you all. I've seen sentences that are like this 我还是做一枚安静的吃货好了 or 我还是做一枚安静的美少女 I understand that this is a funny expression (used primarily online) Can I replace the final word... more

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