if sally buys a wolfpack t shirt for $45 but it was 30% off. how much would it cost?

i did not get this. can you help me  

how do you solve 3x^2+2x-3=0

I keep getting the wrong answer and I dont know what step im missing.


Factoring Polynomials

h2 -9hs+9s2


In the numerical valuve 56,012.47893 name the digit that represent each place valuve or name the place value given y the digit

Pleaseeee need help 8 thousandths 9 ten thousandths 0 ? 5? 3? 1? ten thousands? thousands? ones? tenths?

What is the area and radius of a circle if the circumference is 18 inches ?

What is the area and radius of a circle when the circumference is 18 inches ?

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