Math struggling with this word problem.

Mia and Liam live in the same apartment and are planning a trip. They are going to take separate cars. Mia drives 15 min at 45 mph, where Liam drives 22 miles at 30 mph. How much longer does it... more


Algebra 1 im searching exercicises wich i dont understand and tryng to solve the but this one i havent got anything

Write the equation in slope intercept form: -  of a line parallel to the given line and passes through the given points y=-x-7    (2,-6)        y=3x+9.   (-1,2)


finance word problem

A person wants to have $3000 available to spend on a trip 4 years from now. If such funds could be expected to earn 7 percent, how much should be invested in a lump sum to realize the $3000 when... more


Given the equation: 3x^2-12y^2+6x+48y-93=0 determine:  a: The center C b: the two vertices c: the slopes of the asymptotes


What is the history, real world uses for logarithms, and profesions that would benefit from an understanding of logarithms

I'm having to right a research paper on logarithms and would like some help with it.

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