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Word problem

we have a house on a ten acre plot and we are selling the house with 4 acres. The assessor or treasurer tells us that the house is worth 50,000 and the land 20 thousand. The total tax is 1,000. How... more

a rectangular lot is 100 yards long and 55 yards wide.

A rectangular lot is 100 yards long and 55 yards wide. Give the length and width of another rectangular lot that has the same perimeter but a smaller area.   width ___ yards length: ___ yards

what is the formula for this problem and how do you figure it out

Two airplanes leave the same airport at 8:00 a.m. traveling in opposite directions. The northbound plane is traveling at 450 mph (relative ground speed) and the southbound plane is traveling 350... more


what is 3x-8=-17

 help help help help pleasesdsd1dsd


would the answer to 4y-(y+6) be 4y-1y-6?

I know that if the negative sigh is in between the parenthesis and something sle, it automatically place a 1 there. Please double check my answer. 

more data points

does more data points improve your chances of finding a statistically significant difference


how many Kiloliters are in 1 mL

how many Kiloliters are in 1 mL? im doing business math

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