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Differential Equation: 2nd Order DFQ. Please Help

Using the method of undetermined coefficients, determine the general solution of the following second-order, linear, non-homogenous equation.   y''- 4y' + 4y = 2e2x+3   note: I assume Yp =... more


Why is the 0 exponent equal 1?

In using exponents WHY is 0 as an exponent to a number (5 to the 0 power) 1?


find the limit as it approaches -3 in the equation (6x+9)/x^4+6x^3+9x^2



find the lim as x goes to 0

f^1(a)=lim as x goes to 0,, 1/(a+h)^2- 1/(a)^2       /h

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