Which of the following would result in an exceptional account balance?

A A business which has $3000 in the bank writes a cheque for $3500. B A customer who owes us $500 sends us a cheque for $550. C The business owed $200 to a supplier but wrote a cheque for... more


what i need answered

Solve the system: x = 5y - 1 and x + 2y = 13 Write your answer as a coordinate point.


Barney has 16 1/5 yards of fabric. To make an elf costume, he needs 5 2/5 yards of fabric. How many costumes can Barney make?

answer has to be in a fraction division problem and answer is fraction


Pre Algebra word problem

Ben decides to bike to his friend Matthew’s house to spend the day with him. Matthew, not knowing Ben is on his way over, decides to walk to Ben’s house so they can hang out. Their two houses are... more


Math question

Computer A can do a job in4 hours. Computer B can do the same job in2 hours. How long will it take them working together?

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