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Chemistry Dynamic Equilibrium - HELP

I don't understand this chart, but based on the question itself I assume either increasing or decreasing the temperature, decreasing the pressure, and increasing or decreasing the concentration of... more


The table below gives the bushels of corn per acre resulting from the use of various amounts of fertilizer in pounds per acre:

n (1st column) BUSHELS OF CORN PRODUCED (Y) (2nd column) AMOUNT FERTILIZER USED (X) (3rd column) 1 (n) 4 (y) 6 (x) 2 44 10 3 46 12 4 48 ... more

How much AgCl is isolated using this and Ag(NO3)?

Chad decides to sneak into Ms. Smith's class room. He finds bottles of solution containing silver. He realizes that if he extracts the silver, he will strike it rich! First, he sees silver nitrate.... more

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