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Dependent Clause Grammar Conjunctions Clauses


Conjunction Puzzle: Is this clause dependent or independent?

Third grade teacher here. I plan to teach students to distinguish between simple, compound and complex sentences — but only if I can demonstrate a clear and meaningful difference between the latter... more
Dependent Clause Grammar Clauses Adverbials


Does this sentence exemplify an adverbial clause?

On the Wikipedia page for 'Dependent clause,' on the subject of 'Dependent words,' there is provided an example which supposedly presents an adverbial clause, viz., "Wherever she goes, she leaves... more
Dependent Clause Grammar Example Commas


Use of commas with seemingly dependent clauses?

I'd like to know whether or not the following examples are correct in relation to comma usage with independent/dependent clauses. Every time I come across examples to use commas in separating... more


Problem converting 'even though' clause to 'despite' clause: 'Despite losing...'?

I stumbled across this question in 'Intermediate Language Practice' by Michael Vince: 'Even though they were losing at half-time, City won in the end. Despite________________________________' The... more

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