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Square Root Method


prove that root 3 is irrational ?

prove that root of 3 is irrational number
Square Root Method


Solve (2x)^2 = 24 using square root property

Hi, I keep trying to do this problem but getting the wrong answer. 
Square Root Method Solving Quadratic Equation


(x-5)^2=16 square root

Math Help. I don't understand what my math teacher is teaching.
Square Root Method


if you square root 1, is the answer plus or minus 1 or just 1?

The problem is: Find the zeros of the quadratic equation using the square root method.   g(x)=(x+2)2 -1   I have solved: (x+2)2 -1=0   √(x+2)2 = √1   x+2=1   I'm not sure if it should be... more
Square Root Method


att: Arthur D Illistration how to calculate square root longhand.

For square root of 2  I don't get  the 2____ just below 24     96 and above the 4.00 please explain. Also on the illustration for square root of 7   I get your illustration completely through your... more
Square Root Method


The width of a rectangle is 7 inches less than its length. The area of the rectangle is 120 square inches. Solve for the dimensions of the rectangle.

I don't know how to put the equation together.
Square Root Method


What's the square root of 36x^6?

I have the answer but I need to understand the steps to solve a question like this.
Square Root Method Quadratic Equations Vertex Form


How to solve 3(x-4)^2=75 with the square root method

This is a quadratic. Please help, as I do not know the method for the a(x-p)^2=y form. Again, using the square root method.
Square Root Method



use square root method to solve
Square Root Method



use square root method to solve

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