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How do I calculate the theoretical maximum concentration of a molecule in a solution?

I have been trying to calculate the maximum concentration of a molecule in MCT oil, PG, VG, and a blend of those.  I have the logp and molecular weight available but cannot find an equation for... more


Using the solubility rules predict the precipitates

KNO3(aq) and BaCI2 (aq)   Na2SO4 and Pb(NO3)2   KOH(aq) and Fe(NO3)3 (aq)   NaCI (aq) + AgNO3 (aq)   Na2SO4 (aq) + Ba(NO3)2 (aq)


What is the net ionic equation when these compounds are combined/reacted?

I am having a really hard time understanding aqueous reactions and net ionic equations in chemistry. I would really appreciate some step-by-step instructions on these questions...    1) Consider... more


What cation would sulfate be soluble to but phosphate insoluable to?

I need to know how to separate a solution of phosphate and sulfate

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