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Setting Writing Theme Pacing


What are common attributes of the Steampunk genre?

These attributes could be character archetypes or traits, attributes of the setting, characteristics of plot or pacing, and broader themes. Essentially, I'd like to build a definition of the genre... more


Should I be concerned with my fiction writing containing accidental prophecies of real world events?

I'm writing a book (only a hobby, but I hope I can publish it one day). I've started writing a while ago and setting was somewhat of a near-future of an alternative reality.In my book, political... more
Setting Writing Fiction


What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting a story in a made up country, compared to a real one?

I have story ideas that involve civil wars or revolutions happening while a character is travelling. I was wondering what would be the advantages and disadvantages of setting such a story in a made... more


Question on Lirerary Analysis Setting

The black ocean was cold and ugly. All around were pieces of ice that had broken off icebergs. The temperature was twenty degrees below zero. Would the crew survive this Arctic expedition?   Read... more

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