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How many different combinations of order can a family take a photo in?

There is a family of 6. A mom, a Dad, and 4 children. In a family photo they must stand in a line without either parent standing on either end of the line. How many ways can they stand for the... more


Juli wants to visit Boston,Hartford and New york city. What are the possbile orders in which she could visit the three cities

What are the orders of the three cities
Order Chance Odds


Odds of Order

If 'A' is a single event... and 'B' is a single event... and 'C' is a single event... They can be lined up in 6 different Orders, i.e: 1.  A,B,C 2.  B,C,A 3.  C,A,B 4.  A,C,B 5.  B,A,C 6.... more
Order Patterns


what is the complete order of the books?

five books of five different colors are placed on a shelf. the orange book is between the gray and pink book, and these three are consecutive. the gold book is not the first on the shelf and the... more

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