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Multiplying Decimals


The cost of gas at a local gas station is ​$3.29 per gallon. Monroe buys 8.18 gallons. What is the total​ cost?

It has to be multiplying
Multiplying Decimals


I would like you to tell me the answer to the following word problem, then explain how you got it.

Part A: The distance from Miguel’s house to his aunt’s house is 486.52 miles. Miguel’s family wants to make the trip in 2 days. If they drive an equal distance each day, how many miles will they... more


Your camera and take a picture in 0.125 your friends camera cam photos in 1.5 second. How many times faster is your camera than your friends?

I am not sure if its addition subtraction multiplication or division.
Multiplying Decimals


How do you solve the following problem 1.4142 x 1.4142

Multiplying decimals
Multiplying Decimals


45 students each gets 1 book. Used 1215 sheets of paper. How many pages per book

there are 45 students in class the director gives each a book and used 1215 sheets of paper, how many pages in the book
Multiplying Decimals


6.8 times 0.8

Break down the steps on how to multiply 6.8 times 0.8 , what is the outcome ?
Multiplying Decimals


What is Hayden's number?

Justin and Hayden are playing a number game. Justin's number is the product of 4 x 0.06. Hayden's number 0.04 less than the product of Justin's number and 4. What is Hayden's number?
Multiplying Decimals


ribbon is sold at three yards for $6.33. Aubrey bought 24 yards for a project. How much did she pay?

you need to figure out how much Aubrey made 
Multiplying Decimals Decimals Dividing Decimals


A car releases 19.6 pounds of carbon dioxide for every 1 gallon of gasoline burned.

Estimate the number of pounds of carbon dioxide released if 14.5 gallons are burned.   ------------------------------------------------ 6th grade math.

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