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Math Word Problem Help!


math homework

A manufacturing company has the following fixed monthly costs and unit variable costs:Rent = $2,200Utilities = $375Variable costs for materials and assembly = $13.25/unitMonthly labor = $750If its... more
Math Word Problem Help! Juliejulejules123 Wdddddw


what is triple a number minus 3 is the same as the number plus 57



What are the next three numbers? -2, -1, -1, 0, -1, 1, -2

I need the answer to this problem... it is a word problem and it is 20% of my grade. My professor said that you have to do a lot a work (subtraction is involved) I will only get 1/4 credit if I... more
Math Word Problem Help!


Bob has 11 cookies. He packs them in two bags. Why different ways can bob do this

Draw a picture 
Math Word Problem Help!


anna paid $5.00 each for 2 bracelets and later sold each for $15.00. she paid $8.00 each for 3 bracelets and sold each of them for $9.00

write an expression that represents the profit anna made
Math Word Problem Help!


A football team scores 21 points, 13 points, and 42 points in their first three games. How many game points did they score in all for those games?

I need help figuring it out!!!!!!!
Math Word Problem Help!


So confused. Help me out?

On a map with a scale of 1 inch to 12 feet, the area of a restaurant is 60 in2. Han says that the actual area of restaurant is 720 ft2. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your reasoning.
Math Word Problem Help!


Calculating area math.

Stacey owns a lot that has 180 feet of front footage and contains 36,000 square feet. She purchases two identically-sized lots adjacent to each side of his lot. These side lots are each 200 feet... more
Math Word Problem Help!


math i need help

light travels at a speed of 2.998 x10^8 meters per sec.Express this number in standard notation
Math Word Problem Help! Trigonometry


Trigonometry Math Word Problem

I've tried to solve the math problem. When I draw the diagram, it looks like I have to use the Cosine. However, I don't have an angle degree. I think I've missed a step somewhere. Wouldn't I have... more
Math Word Problem Help!


a jet travels 530 miles in 2 this rate ,how far could the jet fly in 15 hours?what was the rate for the speed jet?

 what is the anwer
Math Word Problem Help!


find two consecutive integers such that the sum of their squares is 145

i have a test tmr and cannot figure this problem out to save my life. ive looked at it and have tried to figure out #s that square and equal 145 but i honestly have no idea. HELP!!!

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