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Daisy R.

asked • 04/25/14

Evaluate the limit as x aproches to -1 of the graphed function

I cant copy an paste the graph but it looks like this
is a straight line with an open circle like this "0" and its location is (-1,-2) the line continues going up to the right of the graph and it cross (0,-1) and (1,0).
how can i evaluate this limit

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Philip P. answered • 04/25/14

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Daisy R.

am a little confuse 
ok so the hole is (x-->-1) and because the the y values are getting closer to -2 the limit will be -2?
i dont get this
but thank you so much


Philip P.

Yes, the limit basically tells you what the value would be if there weren't a hole there.  Take a look at the link below.  It explains it pretty well:


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