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Imaginary Mathematics Abstract


Imaginary FOILED? What is i -1 squared?

(i-1)*(i-1) =-1 -2i +i

How do i get to the correct answer 62/949 + 297/949i

the problem 55.  i/(3-2i) + 2i/(3+8i)   my procedure: (i(3+8i) + 2i(3-2i))/ ((3-2i)(3+8i))   (3i-8+6i+4)/(9+24i-6i+16)   (9i-4)/(25+18i)


find all the zeros of the polynomial

Find all the zeros of the polynomial  P(x)=x6-1 x1=, x2= with x1<x2 x3= ()+()i with both negative real and imaginary parts x4= ()+()i with negative real part and positive imaginary... more

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