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Graph Theory Calculus


Graph theory question

In Kn, Cn(n≥3) and Wn(n≥3) how many vertices are there
Graph Theory Chess


Chess King Tour 8x8 Problem

Two squares on a chessboard are said to be neighbours if they have an edge or a corner on the board in common. This means that squares on the edge have 5 neighbours, on the corner have 3 neigbours,... more


let G=(V,E) be a graph and suppose a,b belong to V. Prove that if there is a walk from a to b, then there is a path from a to b

use the well-ordering principle.   Please help with this question, it's a practice problem, I just can't figure out. Thank you!
Graph Theory Math Discrete Math


Grap theory question, please help

let G=(V,E) be a graph where V={A⊆N5||A|=2} and E={{A,B}⊆V|A∩B=ø} sketch this graph and find its size

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