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How much of Fantastica remains the same between iterations?

Each time a human comes to Fantastica, the whole world is essentially 'rebooted'. We see this in chapter 13, where Bastian and the Childlike Empress start off in total empty nothingness, before he... more
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Who or what is Cassiopeia?

In Michael Ende's *Momo*, the tortoise Cassiopeia seems to be something of a mystery.Even Professor Hora is easier to grasp: he appears to be a sort of personification of *time itself*, sending... more


What are all the stories left unfinished in The Neverending Story?

A recurring phrase in Michael Ende's *The Neverending Story*, often seen when some character or characters drop out of the story, is ".. but that's another story and shall be told another time". I... more
German Literature Literature Symbolism Short Stories


What is the significance of "half past two" in Wolfgang Borchert's The Clock and The Bread?

In both *The Clock* and *The Bread* by Wolfgang Borchert there is a mention of the events happening at "half past two" in the morning. I have been unable to find a historical event of World War Two... more
German Literature Literature Symbolism Faust


What's the significance of Faust's meeting being on Easter Day?

In Goethe's *Faust*, the eponymous (anti?)hero meets the demon Mephistopheles on what seems to be Easter Sunday, during local celebrations of Easter. Given the religious themes in the story, this... more

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