Amy P.

asked • 03/17/14

What is a fractional exponent? How are fractional exponents and radicals related? Do you prefer using fractional exponents or radicals when performing operation

This is the question on my homework. The problem is I am having a lot of issues with math language, Can you please explain?

Jimin B.

I don’t know but this 


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Parviz F. answered • 03/18/14

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Kay G. answered • 03/17/14

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Steve S.

Excellent explanation! However, be careful when working with real number variables:
√(x^2) == |x| while (√(x))^2 = x.


Kay G.

That might depend on who you ask.  If you're implying that the x in the first example could actually be a negative number (which theoretically it could), unlike way back when I was in high school, what I'm seeing taught today is that they don't consider negative as a choice for an answer.  I can find you examples exactly like that, where that exponent is indeed inside the radical and not outside of it.  The use of parenthesis was simply so it was understood that the whole thing was under the radical sign, since we can't draw the top line of it, although I'm not really sure if you have an issue with the parenthesis, or just the fact that the exponent is under the radical sign.


Ebenezer O. answered • 03/17/14

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Jason S. answered • 03/17/14

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