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Equation And Slope


What is the equation for passes through-5,-6 ?

I don’t know how to write an equation from information that’s in standard form
Equation And Slope


Given the equation of a line which passes through the points (1,5) and (-6,5)

Is this line parallel to y=0. Justify your answer and draw both lines on the coordinate plane
Equation And Slope


what is the answer f this equation?

3x= (y+4)2
Equation And Slope


Write the equation of a line perpendicular to -2y = 8 + 6x and passsing through the point (-1,5)

need help solving this question
Equation And Slope


what is the equation of the line for 4/5, (1,-1)

4/5, (1,_1)   Find equation of the line having the given slope and containing the given point.   Equation of the line is?
Equation And Slope


write an equation that describes a line that passes through (-3,-1) and is parallel to the graph of y=4x-1

a) y=-4x-1 b)y=4x+11 c)y=4x+1 d)y=-4x-11
Equation And Slope


line equation

imagine a line with the equation y=2x+3. the line is made 3 times as steep and then the whole line slides down four units. what is the new equation now. Explain 
Equation And Slope


find the equation with the given gradient passing through the following point 4, (2 and 5)

  4, (2, 5)

Find equation of tangent line to (x-1)^2 + (y+1)^2 = 2 at point (2,-2)

Find equation of tangent line to (x-1)^2 + (y+1)^2 = 2 at point (2,-2)   Can someone explain the steps such as find slope...   I'm confused on the perpindicular of the line to get the tangent... more
Equation And Slope


how to write (0,4) and m = 5 in equation form

how do i write this equation with the given information
Equation And Slope


how u solve a 3 step equation?

Equation And Slope Equation Slope


which equation represents a line that has a slope of 3/4 and passes through the point (2,1)?

which equation represents a line that has a slope of 3/4 and passes through the point (2,1)?   1. 3y=4x-5 2. 3y=4x+2 3. 4y+3x-2 4. 4y=3x+5
Equation And Slope


line with equation y=ax+b,ab is not equal to 0,x-intercept is twice the y

options are the slope of the line (2)1/2
Equation And Slope


how to solve slope 3/4, y-intercept (0,-9)

write an equation of the line with the given slope and given y-intercept. Express the answer in standard form.
Equation And Slope



PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE TO FIND THE EQUATION IN STANDARD FORM.  I have the slope as 3/-6.  Points are 4,1 and -2,3   I started with     3(y-1) = -6(x-3)                       3(y-4) = -6(x -... more
Equation And Slope


can the points (2,5) and (4,9) form an equation

I am not coming up with an equal equation using the points (2,5) and (4,9), please help.  I have the slope as 4/2 or 2
Equation And Slope


how can I find an equation for a vertical line running through the point (-2, 4) and its slope

I need to learn how to write this equation and find its slope in simple terms that I can understand.

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