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Dividing Fractions


Dividing fractions

Laura cut 3 shelves of equal length using 3/8 of a yard of wood. How long was each shelf?.


How much money should Taylor deposit in his account if he wants to have a balance of $150

Taylor has a balance of $43 in his checking account without knowing his balance he then wrote a check for $30 and used his debit card for $70 purchase and a $56 purchase how much money should... more


A construction crew has just finished building a road. The road is 9 kilometers long. If the crew worked for 4 2/7 days, how many kilometers of road did they finish each day

How many kilometers did the construction build each day if they worked for 4 2/7 days
Dividing Diving Numbers


How many cards did Jackie sell

Jackie sold cards. Jackie made a profit of 0.75 and each card was $0.35. In total she made $42 how many cards did Jackie sell?

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