Ahmed A.

asked • 08/02/16

A curve has equation y=x^2 - 6x + 14

Write the equation in the form y=(x+a)^2 + b where a and b are integers. 
Draw a sketch of the curve showing clearly the coordinates of any turning points and where the curve crosses the y - axis.

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Neal D. answered • 08/02/16

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Michael J. answered • 08/02/16

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Neal D.

Unfortunately for you, Michael, C.P.M curriculum, College Preparatory Mathematics, uses the point (h, k) for what they term the locator point of the graph of a function.   They use this (h,k) point on all kinds of functions: quadratics, cubics, square root functions, absolute value functions, hyperbolic functions, exponential functions, and more.  In this way, all of the functions are quite uniform in appearance.   The students are able to classify the functions and give a lot of information concerning their graphs just by seeing their equations in "Graphing" form, which uses the point (h,k).


Michael J.

How is that unfortunate for me?  I new (a, b) was the same as (h, k).   I even specified in my answer that the function was in vertex form.  I used (a, b) to be consistent with what the student posted to avoid confusing him.


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