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Coffee Latin Translated


“Nothing Before Coffee” in Latin

I’m working on some humorous heraldry for fun, but I want to get this part right. The saying “Nothing Before Coffee” translates on Google as “Nihil Ante Capulus.” Is this anywhere near correct?


uch of each type should be mixed in order to have 50 pounds of coffee that is worth ​$9.50 per​ pound?

 The gourmet coffee usually sells for $10.00 per pound. The cheaper brand sells for $8.00 per pound. How much of each type should be mixed in order to have 50 pounds of coffee that is worth $9.50... more
Coffee Algebra Ratio


Money - Ratio Problem (Please Explain Too)

Kelly blends coffee. She mixes brand A costing $6 per kilogram with brand B costing $8 per kilogram. How many kilograms of each brand does she have to mix to make 50 kg of coffee costing her $7:20... more


A coffee is $11 and B coffee is $13 the mixture to sell is $12 find how much should be used to make 312 mixtures for A&B

have to find how much for A & B 


coffee mixtue amount

A store mixes Kenyan coffee worth $12 per kg and Turkish coffee worth $16 per kg. the mixture is to sell for $13 per kg. Find how much of each should be used to make a 180kg mixture
Coffee Word Problem


60 pounds of coffee and 90 pounds of coffee were bought for a total price of $180 how much per pound is each coffee?

a coffee shop purchased 60 pounds of Guatemalan coffee beans and 90 pounds of Nicaraguan coffee beans and the total price was $180.00 what was the price per pound for each different coffee bean?

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