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60 pounds of coffee and 90 pounds of coffee were bought for a total price of $180 how much per pound is each coffee?

a coffee shop purchased 60 pounds of Guatemalan coffee beans and 90 pounds of

Nicaraguan coffee beans and the total price was $180.00 what was the price per pound for each different coffee bean?

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1 Answer

I love this problem because I've been to both of those countries. 

Now, I'm going to write that 60G + 90N = 180

In the previous equation, the G stands for the price of Guatemalan coffee, per pound.  N, of course, is the same thing for Nicaraguan coffee.  Now I can use algebra to solve for either G or N:


G = 3 - 1.5N      and also...

N = 2 - (2/3)G

Remember, there are multiple possibilities because the cost of each coffee depends on the cost of the other.