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Bare Infinitive Grammar Prepositions Particles


“To enable him to escape” vs. “to enable him escape”?

I have been coming across this kind of sentence more and more:>She gave him a key to enable him *to* escape capture. She gave him a key to enable him escape capture.Which sentence is correct?... more
Bare Infinitive Grammar Infinitives


What is an "infinitive"?

I've heard that a verb usually follows the 'infinitive' but how does one define an 'infinitive'?
Bare Infinitive Grammar Clauses Sense Verbs


Non-finite clause complementation of complex transitive verbs?

This question has been bothering me for a while. It came up when I was reading Chapter 16 of "A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language." How to explain the grammatical structure of the... more

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