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Why did John Galt explain how to fix the torture device?

Consider the following segment from Atlas Shrugged:> "But I don't know what's wrong with it." The man sighed, bewildered.> "I don't know what to do." > > "It's the vibrator that's out... more


What is Ayn Rand's view of marriage and children?

It's difficult not to notice that the vast majority of heroes in Atlas Shrugged are unmarried and have no kids. - Dagny Taggart - unmarried, no kids - John Galt - unmarried, no kids - Francisco -... more


Was Atlas Shrugged set in the future or the present?

Francisco d'Anconia at one point claims that "There are seven million people in the city of New York, at present." According to... more


What are we supposed to learn about the reality in "Atlas Shrugged" from "The Vulture is Molting"?

In Chapter 4 of *Atlas Shrugged*, Dagny is walking:>She walked on. She stopped at the window of a bookstore. The window displayed a pyramid of slabs in brownish-purple jackets, inscribed: The... more

Why did Eddie refer to himself as a "feudal serf"?

In the beginning of the book, when Eddie Willars confronted Jim Taggart about the poor condition of the Rio Norte Line, they had the following exchange:> "Jim, what are you saying? Does it... more


What is the significance of the fact that the covered wagons were traveling East at the end of Atlas Shrugged?

At the very end of *Atlas Shrugged*, a group of covered wagons picks up people who were stranded by the *Comet*'s demise. Is it significant that they're heading east (e.g. that they were somehow... more


What's the difference between Randian philosophy and Objectivism?

I recently encountered a debate about whether Objectivism was the same as the philosophies of Ayn Rand. Wikipedia says they're synonyms. Is there another definition of "objectivism"? Has... more

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