Asked • 03/15/19

Does anyone have any tips of how to better learn ASL?

I've wanted to learn ASL ever since the first time I met a deaf person at my work in cosmetic retail and I wasn't able to help them. That was about 3 years ago and at the time I only learned the alphabet. Unfortunately I've only just started learning words and sentences. I can sign basic things that will help at work and I can fingerspell decently (just a little slow at moving my fingers), but it's so hard to really learn when there's nobody to practice with. I live in a little city with a medium population. Back in 2011 the college had ASL classes, but because of low interest the classes were cancelled and haven't been brought back. I searched on my Facebook pages for my city and there were 2 results for ASL, both wete asking where to learn it and all the comments said we have to go to the next big city (5 hours away) to learn it because there aren't any places in town to. One woman in specific said her parents were deaf so she wouldn't mind teaching people who wanted to learn. I sent her a message but she moved a couple years ago. I also looked on my city's "official" Facebook and website that posts things going on in the city and there's nothing. I'm in school to be a teacher and I plan to move to a bigger city when I graduate. But I won't graduate for 4 more years (5 year program), so I don't want to only start learning when I move. Also, if when I'm a teacher I have a deaf student in my class, I want to be able to sign while teaching to accommodate them. My boyfriend is learning with me and sometimes he and I will sign things to each other, but neither of us are good and we're not even sure if we're doing it right. Thanks!

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