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why is nursing diagnoises apprioate for a cva patient

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2 Answers

Do not forget to reassess your patient continuously for changes in neurological exam. Pt's can extend a stroke and also overtime the stroked tissue in the brain is reabsorbed allowing for a hemorrhagic conversion.
I assume you were asking which diagnoses were appropriate for a CVA patient. When dealing with nursing diagnoses, you want to think about the effects of the CVA (or stroke) and what sort of problems the patients would need to overcome or deal with. Nursing diagnoses change slightly with each new Nursing Diagnoses handbook, but think along the lines of things the patient will need the healthcare team's help to overcome. Difficulty eating, pain, difficulty being mobile, possible depression, etc. are all issues that have applicable nursing diagnoses. Of course, with stroke there is also the possibility of falls afterwards and preventing injury to the patient would be a good thing to include on a care plan. There are a lot of nursing diagnoses that would cover the above listed problems. When you have to prioritize the care plan, start with the most life-threatening or urgent issues first.