Lu A.

asked • 02/21/16

How do I graph -3x + 5y = -10

Each axis is one unit

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Kenneth S. answered • 02/21/16

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Asher F. answered • 02/21/16

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Norbert J. M.

If one chooses to rewrite your equation in slope-intercept form, one can graph the line directly from information extracted from the form of the equation...
y=mx+b............slope-intercept form
y=(3/5)x+2........rewritten equation
y-intercept = (0,b) = (0,2)
slope = m = "rise/run" = 3/5
Plot point (0,2).  From that point, move up 3units and right 5units, arrive at 2nd point (5,5); or move down 3units and left 5units, arrive at point (-1,-5).  Plot either 2nd point, draw line thru both points plotted.


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