Dannymarie B.

asked • 12/26/15

List of songs to play on single electric guitar

Ive been playing the acoustic since i was 6 years old so i dont need easy songs to play i can play intermediate and some advanced songs but i have no other instruments to add to it and no one to have a jam sesh with so its just one electric guitar and im looking for songs to play by my slef. Any suggestions will help thankyou.

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Drue H. answered • 01/13/21

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Matt H. answered • 12/26/15

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Dannymarie B.

I play mostly classic rock and indie music on my acoustic but i also want to learn some metal on my electric. 


Matt H.

I would definitely start with older, riff-based metal like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and even some more stuff on the hard-rock side of early metal, like Queen and Deep Purple. Honestly, crank that puppy up and play a bunch of Who and you're golden.
AC/DC works well, too--good crunchy chords and riffs, not dork-ish Dragon Force-type stuff. (No offense if you like them. :-) LOL!)

It's actually great to work some of that stuff up on _acoustic_ first, and force yourself to get the 'crunch' from your playing techniques, like palm muting and controlled-but-aggressive strumming, instead of relying on your gear--at first. Then when it sounds good and strong on acoustic, you translate it to your electric and it already has its 'guts.'
Are you looking to sing as you play? If so, don't necessarily look for songs that are already 'good solo guitar' songs. Grab a song that you love, learn the very basic chords and then start working up your own arrangement in a way that you can play/sing comfortably and with a metal edge. A lot of metal players slave over learning the flashy shred-style songs, and then can't really go anywhere with them.
Think "song" first, "guitar part" second.
Hope any of this helps. Happy picking. :-)


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