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Evolution theory is 100% right ?

Evolution theory stated that random changes and the natural selection process create new species. What are some examples of random changes that have been (or being) filtered out by natural selection process?

Do you think all parts of the theory are right?


Evolution is a fact, it is not a theory!  What scientists mean by theory is actually the "Theory of Natural Selection," which is a time-tested explanation for how evolution works.  So, one is a fact (evolution), and the other explains how the fact works (theory of natural selection).
Sometimes people and the media mistakenly call Darwin's theory of natural selection, "Darwin's Theory of Evolution," but it is more rightfully "Darwin's Theory for Evolution," like the theory for gravity (explains how gravity works), or cell theory (explains cell form & function).
For more information about this and the verifiable evidence supporting it go to Tufts University's website called "".  Tufts University also has a medical school. On their website it says, "Answers in Science (AiS) is an educational organization founded in 1999 and maintained by several faculty members in the science departments at Tufts University. Its goal is to provide reliable, active, and accurate resources, via the AiS website and in publications, dealing with the science supporting the fact of biological evolution."
So, I hope that this answers you question.

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Random changes are things like mutations that don't confer a benefit to the individual. For example, Down's syndrome is a random mutation where the individual has three copies of chromosome 21. This is being filtered out by natural selection because these individuals have a decreased life expectancy and are going to have a shorter time period in which to reproduce and pass on their genes. Therefore, they will comprise an increasingly smaller part of the population (assuming this was a strictly random mutation and not influenced by age). So use this info to think up some other examples you may have learned in class and then give your opinion about whether you agree with all of evolutionary theory. You just need to justify your choice.


Please be more direct to us young people. Us young people need to be told that evolution is a fact like a molecular cell and like gravity is a fact, not something that we need to agree or disagree about. We need to be told that scientific theories are verifiable, time-tested and revolutionary evidence about how facts work, such as the theory of cells, the theory of gravity, as well as Darwin's theory of natural selection (the time-tested for how the fact of evolution works. It is not a theory of evolution, but a theory for evolution).