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Use the Laplace transform?

Use the Laplace transform to solve y^(4)-4y'''+6y"-4y'+y=0; y(0)=0, y'(0)=1, y"(0)=0, y'''(0)=1.

Answer: y=te^t-t^2*e^t+(2/3)t^3*e^t


But I don't know what's L(y^(4)) and L(y''').


Never mind. Can you just please tell me how to find the inverse Laplace transform of (s^2-4s+7)/(s-1)^4.

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This si the amswer to your last question about (s2 -4s +7)/(s-1)4. Let's rewrite the numerator:

 s2 -4s +7 = s2 - 2s +1 -1 -2s +7 = (s-1)2 -2(s-1) + 4                (1)

If we divide (1) by (s-1) 4 we will  obtain:

            1/(s-1)2  - 2 /(s-1) 3  + 4/(s-1)4                                               (2)

But 1/(s-1) is a Laplace trabnform of the function [1/(n-1)! t n-1 et.

If you consequitively apply this formula for n = 2, 3, 4 you will come up with function

                                         y(t) = tet - t2 et +(2/3) t3 et