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Eugenie worked side by side with my son
— Mark, Dunnellon, FL on 12/6/16


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Brown University, Providence, RI
Graduate Coursework


Brown University, Providence, RI (Psychology)

BA (Graduate Coursework)

About Eugenie

After working in marketing research and career development, I became a private tutor. For over 15 years, I have tutored language arts, mathematics and test preparation for hundreds of students.

I specialize in math at all levels through algebra 2; language arts, including reading, writing, grammar and spelling; general and standardized test taking, including SAT, ACT, GED, CLAST, TEAS, FSA; public speaking and ESOL.

With my help, the students improve their skills, raise their grades and perform better on tests. Some have joined the competitive IB Program and graduated from it. My SAT and ACT students have been accepted to the colleges of their choice, some with scholarships. I have a 100% pass rate with the GED.

I graduated from Brown University with a degree in Psychology, plus advanced study in Mathematics and English Expression. I have also been trained in public speaking by Toastmasters International.

Learning helps prepare us for careers and expands our minds and souls. It is hard work, but also exciting and fun, which I try to convey to my students. Through one-on-one private tutoring, I can give my students the individualized help they need to reach their learning goals. We become teammates, facing problems, devising strategies and celebrating achievements together.

As part of your team, I can help improve academic success while making the process fun!
After working in marketing research and career development, I became a private tutor. For over 15 years, I have tutored language arts, mathematics and test preparation for hundreds of students.

I specialize in math at all levels through algebra 2; language arts, including reading, writing, grammar and spelling; general and standardized
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In-person lessons

"Eugenie worked side by side with my son"

- Mark, Dunnellon, FL on 12/6/16

"Fantastic tutor"

- Terri, Ocala, FL on 10/19/15

"Engaging personality!"

- Gail, Ocala, FL on 6/23/15


- Ayanna, Ocala, FL on 6/3/14

"Great tutor!!"

- Sarah, Ocala, FL on 3/12/13
Nursing, PSAT
ACT English,
ACT Reading,
Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Public Speaking,
SAT Reading,
SAT Writing, Vocabulary, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English,
ACT Math,
ACT Reading,
Career Development, CLAST, College Counseling, GED, GRE, PSAT, SAT Math,
SAT Reading,
SAT Writing, TEAS
Classics, Writing
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th),
Elementary Math,
Grammar, Reading,
Spelling, Study Skills,
Vocabulary, Writing
Career Development, ESL/ESOL,
GRE, Marketing,
Public Speaking,

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Approved subjects

In most cases, tutors gain approval in a subject by passing a proficiency exam. For some subject areas, like music and art, tutors submit written requests to demonstrate their proficiency to potential students. If a tutor is interested but not yet approved in a subject, the subject will appear in non-bold font. Tutors need to be approved in a subject prior to beginning lessons.

ACT English

The ACT English sections contain grammar, usage and reading comprehension. In New York City and Ocala, I have tutored them successfully for 20 years. My degree from Brown University is in Psychology, with minors in English and Mathematics, and I am a good standardized test taker. To better students' skills, I take sample tests along with them. In the beginning, we discuss answers and develop techniques for improvement. Later, we work on accuracy with speed.

All the students with whom I have worked have improved their skills, and recently, I helped some get into the University of Florida and University of South Florida.

ACT Math

For 20 years in N.Y. City and in Ocala, I have tutored students in ACT and SAT mathematics. We review algebra I and II, geometry, data analysis, logic and all the aspects of math necessary for these tests. We especially work on math reasoning and doing problems accurately but quickly.

My degree from Brown University is in psychology with a minor in mathematics. The approach I use features my doing the problems along with the students plus offering additional study when needed. All of the students I have tutored have increased their test scores with my assistance, and many have been accepted into good schools, including Harvard, University of Florida and Florida State.

ACT Reading

Reading comprehension is part of the ACT English testing. With a degree in Psychology from Brown University, and minors in English and Mathematics, I have, for 20 years, tutored reading to all ages, including ACT reading.

I take the sample tests with students, helping them improve their comprehension, accuracy of answers and speed of work. All the students with whom I have worked have improved their skills, and recently, several were accepted into the University of Florida and University of South Florida.


For many years, I have lived with Attention Deficit Disorder. As my adult son became a teen, he was diagnosed with ADD, as well as other processing difficulties. In addition to working with him, I have helped dozens of students with ADD and ADHD.

To assist me in this work, I have a degree in Psychology from Brown University, and have studied many books on Learning Disabilities, including "Driven to Distraction", by Drs. Hallowell and Ratey, and "The ADD Answer", by Dr Lawlis.

I understand the difficulties of encouraging focus and discipline in these young people, and have experience with those on medication as well as those without it.

Algebra 1

I have tutored many students in Algebra I, some honor students and others who are having greater difficulty with the subject. To help students, I first explore how their brains perceive mathematics and process algebraic calculations. Then, I revisit algebraic basics and procedures to increase students' facility with algebraic language and proofs. I insist that all follow Order of Operation, do step-by-step proofs and check all answers. I also try to empathize with difficulties and make work fun while pushing for accuracy. Recently, I helped a failing student get a "C". Another student improved her grade from "B" to "A".

Algebra 2

In N.Y.City and in Ocala, I have tutored Algebra II for use in classwork and for college entrance examinations. We build on Algebra I basics, including Order of Operations and linear equations. We cover, as needed, quadratics and other polynomials; advanced work with powers, including logarithms; conic sections; trigonmetry and maitrix mathematics.

I have also worked with students studying College Algebra, which is somewhat different from Algebra II in what it covers and the applications it requires.

My degree from Brown University is in Psychology, with a minor in Mathematics. Since we all deal differently with numbers and numerical processes, I work with clients within the framework of their individual perceptions. As a result, clients can feel comfortable doing their work while being as
successful as possible.


For over thirty years, I have dealt with dyslexia: first, with my daughter, and then with many clients whom I have tutored over the last twenty years.

My degree from Brown University is in psychology, and I worked for some years in partnership with a psychotherapist. I have studied many books about dyslexia, including Smart by Feeling Dumb and A Solution to the Riddle Dyslexia, both by Dr. Harold Levinson, who also treated my daughter.

Because I am personally left-handed, and have observed that dyslexia is often connected to "left-handed" brains, I have also studied The Left-Hander Syndrome, by Stanley Coren, and Left is Right, by Rae Lindsay.

I work with each dyslexic student in a way that suits the person's unique methods of processing information, and have had much success helping both younger and more mature dyslexic students experience significant improvements in reading and math skills.

Elementary (K-6th)

For over 20 years in NY City and Ocala, I have tutored elementary school students, focusing on language arts and math. My degree in Psychology helps me understand and motivate the children. I learn how they process words and numbers, and use this information to help compensate for their difficulties. In addition, I make learning fun; for example, stories are great adventures and numbers have wacky names, such as "odd" or "improper". The students and I become successful learning teams while enjoying ourselves.

Elementary Math

For 20 years, in NY City and Ocala, I have tutored elementary school mathematics. I have helped students learn the basics in arithmetic, something that is sadly lacking in many older students. First, I explore how the students process numbers; some, for example, do not work with numbers visually, but aurally, by hearing them. Then, I encourage the students to work within their own personal perceptions, applying them to the tasks necessary to compute properly. I also encourage mental math, and help the children use patterns, rhymes and other "tricks" to make calculations easier. I love math, and try to convey that joy to the children as we become "math partners", exploring and becoming proficient in the world of numbers. With a sound foundation, the children can then progress to higher mathematics and excel in that world.


For 20 years, I have tutored English to native speakers and to people from other countries. I formerly lived in a multinational community in NYC, and taught ESL to many students. I am conversant in French and Spanish.

For all students, I can tutor reading comprehension, grammar, usage and writing skills. On these subjects, I have worked with elementary and secondary school students as well as older students. I have helped students succeed in the highly competitive IB program and help students get accepted into it. In addition, I have had success assisting students on standardized tests, such as the F-CAT, SAT, ACT, CPT, and GED.


In addition to special university training in English Expression at Brown University, I have 20 years of experience tutoring English as a Second Language. Previously, I lived on Roosevelt Island which lies in the East River as part of New York City. The community contains many residents from the United Nations and other international sources. As a result, I tutored ESL to people from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, in addition to Latin America. Here in Central Florida, I have worked largely with people from Asia and Latin America. My experience includes oral English as well as written English.


For over 15 years, I have tutored students in NY City and here is Ocala in mathematics, including geometry. I have helped them learn the basics of geometry as well as the more advanced formulas and procedures. I have assisted them in writing proofs, handling analytical geometry (such as linear equations) working with varied flat and solid shapes, and doing beginning trigonometry. In addition, I helped students apply proper algebraic procedures to geometry. Recently I tutored a high school student who was failing geometry. He got 100% on one of his quizzes and passed the course with my help.


Early in my career, I worked for a major advertising agency in NY City. There, I helped develop and test new products, new advertising and new marketing campaigns for a variety of consumer products and pharmaceuticals. I then moved south, where I used my skills in public relations, media sales and general marketing. Back in NY City, I worked in advertising as well as market planning for companies and individuals.


For more than 15 years, I have tutored middle school students in pre-algebra. We have covered all the introductory basics of algebra, such as positive and negative numbers, order of operations, simple equations and inequalities, linear equations, powers and roots, absolute value,translating words into algebraic expressions.

Pre-algebra is the introduction to Algebra I, and provides the basic language so important in all of advanced mathematics. Recently, I helped a student who was failing Pre-algebra raise his grade to "C" in one term. Algebra is my favorite subject, and over the years in NY City and in Ocala, I have developed a very good track record in helping students learn the basics.

Public Speaking

My training in public speaking began in high school, where I was a debater, ran for school office and made a graduation speech. It continued at Brown University, where I was trained in all aspects of theatre and public speaking. More recently, I was a long term member of Toastmasters International. I have helped younger clients prepare and deliver talks of various sorts, ranging from oral projects in secondary school, to semester end IB presentations, to college and job interviews. I believe that anyone can learn to improve public speaking skills and to become more comfortable with them - even find them fun!


Reading is one of my greatest loves, and I try to impart that love to students whom I tutor in the subject. There is so much to be learned and so many surprises in reading, even in textbooks. I help students look for the important points in stories and to summarize these points as they progress in their reading. We often read out loud, as many children are aural processors, that is, they process more with their ears than with their eyes. I also ask them questions about the meaning of what they have been reading, and its significance, to make it more alive for them. Regarding writing, I have spent most of my life writing reports, plans, publicity releases, letters, and have developed a system for helping children learn to write more easily and with good grammar and spelling.

Regarding elementary school mathematics, I find out how the students process numbers and help them learn arithmetic and beginning math in ways that work best for their brains. As with reading, we use oral work and do basic calculations out loud in addition to writing them. We also use rhymes to help remember answers. I love math and try to make its learning fun for the children.

Here and in NY City, I have helped many younger children learn to read and improve reading speed and scores considerably. This includes working with learning disabled and foreign born children. I have done the same with basic math functions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Too many children progress to higher math without a good foundation in arithmetic calculations. I help give them a better basis for higher math.

SAT Math

For 20 years, in NY City and here in Ocala, I have tutored the SAT, including mathematics, reading comprehension, usage and essay writing. The SAT math section includes all aspects of math up to algebra II, but relies a great deat on math logic. In other words, it is possible to get the correct answer in more than one way using logic. The students I have tutored have improved in scores significantly, partly because I do the sample tests with them, and discuss them at length. This improves accuracy as well as speed. I personally received scores in the top 99 percentile when I took the SAT, and have remained conversant in the test as it has changed over the years.

SAT Reading

For 20 years in NY City and Ocala, I have tutored students for the SAT. In reading, students improved comprehension of vocabulary and ideas while increasing reading speed. They also improved their understanding of grammar and usage. In mathematics, students improved math reasoning and recall of all types of math, resulting in greater accuracy and facility. In writing, I helped students organize their ideas and write them more quickly with greater clarity and impact. Overall, students improved SAT scores 200-400 points. They achieved entrance to fine schools, including University of Florida, Florida State University and University of South Florida, plus some Ivy League schools, and other private as well as public colleges. Many also were awarded scholarships.

Study Skills

For 20 years in NY City and in Ocala, I have worked with students, helping them improve their study skills and comprehension of language arts, mathematics, and other subjects as required. I help students pick out the main points in their studies, learn to take brief notes, (if appropriate) organize their material, and use what they have learned for homework, special projects and both regular and standardized tests. I explore their individual processing methods, and help them work in a way that best fits their unique minds. Plus, I always try to make learning fun, not drudgery. These methods have proved to be very successful.


The TEAS test is very challenging. It covers language arts, various forms of mathematics, and many aspects of science. My degree from Brown University is in Psychology, and I have minors in English Expression and Mathematics. I tutor students in the subjects included in the TEAS test, and have helped many students succeed in standardized tests, including the TEAS test. Recently, a client passed the TEAS test with my help, and was accepted to a local college.


Writing was not always easy for me, but with persistence, I learned how to organize my thoughts and translate them into the kind of writing required, whether it be an essay, letter, poem, story, or some sort of report. My education at high school in Lexington, Massachusetts, (the best school system in New England) and at Brown University prepared me very well in grammar, usage, vocabulary, research methods and organization.

I have developed systems for helping students with difficulties in writing. I help them stick to the assignment in question, organize their thoughts, keep track of information they need use, give their writing appeal while following proper grammar, punctuation and usage. I also guide them in understanding and using more sophisticated vocabulary.

With my help, many students have received higher grades; been accepted to, and gone through, the IB Program; and done well on standardized tests that require writing examinations.

Brown University, Providence, RI
Graduate Coursework


Brown University, Providence, RI (Psychology)

BA (Graduate Coursework)

Eugenie worked side by side with my son

She was an excellent listener and solved equations with him, without ever judging or talking down to him. My son actually listened and comprehended alternate approaches to figuring out his math problems. Something he would NEVER do with me!!

— Mark, Dunnellon, FL on 12/6/16

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