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The Tutor I Always Wish I Had


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Hello! I am a graduate of Harvard-Westlake High School and Wesleyan University. Right out of college, I started my professional life as a legal analyst on Wall Street. This was the track I had always thought I was supposed to be on and it wasn't until a year had passed that I realized I needed something more. Cue traveling halfway around the world in search of different opportunities and perspectives (A little dramatic, I know).

It was in Hong Kong that I found the perfect intersection of my...

Hello! I am a graduate of Harvard-Westlake High School and Wesleyan University. Right out of college, I started my professional life as a legal analyst on Wall Street. This was the track I had always thought I was supposed to be on and it wasn't until a year had passed that I realized I needed something more. Cue traveling halfway around the world in search of different opportunities and perspectives (A little dramatic, I know).

It was in Hong Kong that I found the perfect intersection of my abilities and disposition. I learned that, while my work on commodities manipulation had been intellectually stimulating, my previous job had lacked an all-important human component. It is this empathy that is my greatest strength in tutoring. I specialize not just in teaching a subject, but in helping my students discover and understand their strengths and how they can best utilize them. While tutoring is often about one test, or one course, it more often is about helping the student become more capable and engaged in all of their academic/intellectual pursuits. My 4.0 and 99th percentile test scores give me the qualifications, but it is my perception, empathy, and positivity that make me a tutor.

I am always willing to have a conversation before we begin sessions! There we can learn how we can best work together. Feel free to contact me with any questions about how you too can see substantial increases in your scores. My ACT, SAT, LSAT students all see increases of 10 - 15% in percentile rankings!


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Who I wish I had started LSAT studying with.

Tim is a fantastic tutor all around. I came to him after jumping through the Princeton Review LSAT class. I was down because I had worked so hard and spent so much money; seeing very little improvement. Tim immediately turned my mindset around. With a little work, focusing on a change in my thought processes, Tim helped me reach section scores of 23/25. As a teacher he is extremely inspiring, honest, and motivational. I looked forward to our sessions every week. Thanks, Tim.

Kyle, 17 lessons with Timothy

More than just a tutor - the coach you need!

Tim is more than just a tutor! A tutor must have comprehensive knowledge of their subject matter, and Tim does have a deep and nuanced understanding of the LSAT on every level. But he brings even more to the table beyond the vast intellect that allows him to correctly answer any question thrown at him. Tim is able to assess his students’ abilities efficiently and effectively. He sees individual questions that you missed as part of a larger picture of your overall abilities, and can use them to identify how you can improve overall. Imagine him as the doctor who cures your disease instead of slapping band-aids on the symptoms, and you’ll understand why he can improve your outcomes so dramatically. I came to think of Tim as a coach for this reason, and for another central tenet of his tutoring approach: he will help build up your abilities AND your confidence in your abilities, so that when the time comes to perform under pressure, you don’t doubt yourself. No matter where your journey starts, Tim can identify your natural strengths and weaknesses, and help you amplify those strengths, while addressing underlying issues to turn weaknesses into strengths. You’ll gain all the theoretical knowledge you need to succeed, and the confidence you need to turn that theory into practical results on the big day. Looking to land among the stars on your next test? Look no further. Tim is the coach you need.

Graham, 8 lessons with Timothy

Supportive and knowledgeable tutor

Timothy was extremely helpful as I studied to retake the LSAT after my first score was less than satisfactory. He instilled me with a great deal of confidence in my own ability and had a lot of handy, common-sense strategies for using my time more effectively. Timothy has a thorough understanding of the test and how to approach various types of questions without over-complicating things. I felt much more prepared going into my test this time around thanks to him. I highly recommend Timothy as a tutor for anyone taking the LSAT, especially if you have been unsatisfied with major test prep providers like Kaplan and want a more individualized experience.

Graham, 7 lessons with Timothy

Timothy S

Tim has been such a great tutor for over a year now! He is super available and works with my schedule. We began with SAT/ACT sessions where my scores skyrocketed, and now are working on edits for college essays. He is great throughout the whole process from brainstorming to submitting. He also is very funny, taking the stress out of his process. You can tell that he is passionate about what he does and genuinely cares about his students' success. 10/10

Ariel, 24 lessons with Timothy

So Supportive and Helpful!

I took the LSAT in August after having studied on my own and was very disappointed when I didn't score as high as my practice tests. Then, in early October, I signed up for the November LSAT but was worried that I would do poorly again. I wanted to find a tutor to help me understand the test more and be comfortable in my test taking abilities and that was when I found Tim. In the few weeks that I studied with him, I developed a completely new perspective on the LSAT and was scoring higher than I ever had on my practice tests. Come test day, I was much more comfortable with the test as the skills he taught me became second nature. Tim was very easy to talk to and so understanding which helped me come to terms with everything I was messing up on. One of the best things that came from this tutoring experience was that Tim strengthened many skills that I didn't realize I already had, which boosted my confidence substantially and helped me achieve my goals with the LSAT.

Neha, 10 lessons with Timothy

Phenomenal LSAT Tutor

Choosing Tim as my tutor may have very well been the best decision I’ve made in my academic career. It may sound melodramatic, but I promise, if you work with Tim, then you’ll understand what I mean. His approach to the LSAT is unlike any other, and his perspective demystifies even the most complex problems. Thanks to Tim, my scores on practice tests have skyrocketed, and I’m confident that I can conquer the exam. Most importantly, he’s warm, patient, and supportive; he truly cares about his students. I highly recommend Tim as a tutor and cannot thank him enough for all his help.

Taylor, 37 lessons with Timothy

What a star!!

Tim's approach to teaching is extremely effective; after our first session, during which we reviewed an LSAT reading comprehension section, Tim was able to pinpoint every mistake I was likely to make based on his observations of my reactions to the material and my explanations for my chosen answers. Thereafter, he taught me how to change my approach to the exam by identifying ways in which I could understand the material more comprehensively. Once I started to truly understand the material, we focused on how the details in each passage led to the answer choices and why the answers I was choosing were incorrect. After I had a solid grasp on reading comprehension, we moved on to logical reasoning and logic games. I thought I had a very solid grasp on the logic games section, but Tim showed me little tips and tricks on how to increase my speed in order to ensure that I could obtain the highest score possible. Before my tutoring sessions with Tim, my PT's ranged from 156 to 164. After several tutoring sessions, I started averaging in the high 160's- low 170's, eventually hitting a 172 (out of 180). Tim was an excellent tutor and I recommend him to anyone who thinks there is absolutely no other way to increase their score on a given exam, because I guarantee that Tim will prove them wrong.

Dominika, 12 lessons with Timothy

148 --> 161!

After a couple months of on and off studying for the LSAT during my last year of undergrad, I had lost hope on my ability to conquer this exam. I was getting mediocre scores time and time again and not improving at the rate I had envisioned. I took a Powerscore course, used the LSAT trainer, Loophole in Logical Reasoning, and took countless practice tests. After that, I reached out to Timothy and immediately knew he would be extremely helpful in my LSAT progress. From the initial phone conversation, I knew Tim cared about my studying experience and believed in my ability to conquer this exam. He was able to pinpoint the areas I was struggling with and made this incredibly complicated exam so much easier to dissect. He had a holistic approach to each question and really made me understand why the answer I was picking was correct. It was extremely obvious from the first lesson that Tim is a genuine tutor and truly cares about the success and wellbeing of his students. He emphasized the importance of the quality of studying compared to just getting a specific number right or wrong. I have had multiple people tell me that law school may not be for me, but Tim was one of the few that believed in me and that's exactly what a good tutor should do. Thank you again for all of your help Tim!

Kazel, 8 lessons with Timothy

Well rounded and SMART

Both our kids work with Timothy and he has been excellent in supporting their various needs - our daughter needs more math help (she's in 4th grade) and our son needs english comprehension and writing help (he's in 7th grade). HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Lucie, 68 lessons with Timothy
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