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I was thinking someone else would answer this, I'm not positive I've done my work correctly. I would start with the "foil" method. You would take each number in the first polynomial and multiply it by each number in the second polynomial. Remember your rules of exponents,...

How do we factor m^2+4m+4; the book equation is ax^2+bx+c I always look at c first. C=4 What are the factors of 4; (2*2) or (4*1). then there is b= 4, I am looking back at the factors of 4. This may seem confusing because in this case b=c. We want to know what factors...

What is f(x)? (answer)

I was also wondering if you had written this correctly? Just as John R. said; f(x) is the "function of x" which I frequently just say f(x)=y.